Dag Vier, Amsterdam Deel Twee

(Day Four, Amsterdam Part 2)

Yesterday we went back to Amsterdam and started the day at the Heineken Brewery.

Heineken Brewery Amsterdam
The self guided tour involves a tour of the brewery, a 4D ride, a DJ room, a lounge where you can watch Heineken commercials through the years and best of all, beer! Each person gets 1 tasting beer half way through the tour and 2 beers at the end. After the tour we hopped on a Heineken canal boat and went to another store where we received a free bottle opener.

From there we walked to the Dam Square, where for the time being a fair has been set up. And with fairs come delicious food, like poffertjes.

They are little pancakes covered in butter and powered sugar. Ze zijn erg lekker! // They are very delicious!

We walked to the Anne Frank house but didn’t go in because there was a massive line, maybe another day. We went back to the Dam Square and took a tour of the Royal Palace. The royal family doesn’t live in the Amsterdam Palace but it is still used for state visits and coronations.

Royal Palace
The rooms we were waking through were set up like they were in the 17th and 18th centuries, but are still functional bedrooms and meeting rooms. The main room, the citizens hall, had tons of sculptures and paintings in the corners.

Today we have a much appreciated day to lounge, and might head to a museum in Hoorn later.


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