Skirts and purses

Hi guys, it has been a longgg time since I have written. but! I did some great crafts in the mean time.

immediately after finishing Nat’s t-shirt blanket I planned to make a mother’s day purse. in my mind I wanted it to be reversible (which is really hard for me to visualize where to sew so i can flip it inside-out and hide the seams…) with denim on the inside with the regular pockets from a pair of jeans. and the outside was going to be blocks of colors with at least one color being purple (Ma’s favorite of course!).

So I didn’t have a pattern for this, I just sort of cut the butt off a pair of jeans, stopping at the side hem, and the huge seam hem part in the crotch of the pants. It made a decent bag shape, so that’s what I went with for this. I thought it would be weird looking to use the front of the pants and have a zipper and all inside a purse, so I chopped one of the legs for the other half of the inside of the bag. I kinda forgot to take pictures of the final product- but the parts i took turned out kinda okay. The bag itself was a big hit!




Also, sorry these pictures kinda stink- I broke my camera screen, so I couldn’t really tell they were bad until looking on the SD card. I think I will pry be going to best buy in the near future to get the screen repaired/replaced.

I went home for a week, saw Natski graduate! And completely forgot I had a camera with me. I was distracted from losing my voice for basically half a week straight. I did get a few pictures on the last day though!




Then I decided I wanted to make a pencil skirt. I have some love handles- pencil skirts are not as flattering as i thought they might be haha. I used this super easy pattern:

Initially when I was going to make this skirt I wanted it to be a pencil skirt. Then when I saw how much of the material that I had and how much it was going to need, I had to opt for a mini skirt haha. I also picked to make this pattern a tiny bit more difficult that just a front and a back piece. I wanted striped side panels. This was actually really easy to do! I just made the panels first- 2 5 inch blocks, 15 inches long (this was my measures, yours might be different depending on how you want it to look). Then follow the rest of the instructions but subtract the 10 inches from everything except how long from top to bottom! This is how this one turned out:





I used some elastic around the top and just sewed it into a little pocket at the top (thanks for the pro-tip Kristin!). This was nice because I had some material gaping on my back, and the elastic pulled it in so it wasn’t =]

Just today I decided I should try to make a real pencil skirt that isn’t a mini skirt, and decided no side panels- I want this to be easy and mindless. and it was! I think it took about an hour only start to finish.








Again I used some elastic on the top to hold it to my back. I used a zigzag stitch cause I wanted it to have a little give… sadly though i forgot the nice looking zigzags would be on the inside… oops! haha

On the bottom hem, I just picked a different stitch pattern and figured with enough repetition it would hopefully look cool.

These skirts are an EXCELLENT place to start sewing. It didn’t take too long, wasn’t too involved. and you can alter the pattern to be a long loose skirt, a tight long skirt, a fitted until the knees then loose skirt, Whatever you want with just 2 pices! or 4 pieces with the panels!

I have to be at school early tomorrow, so I suppose I should try to sleep. I feel wide awake though. Guess my mind is still thinking about stuff. xoxoxoab


3 thoughts on “Skirts and purses

  1. the bag is cool but I LOVE the skirts! awesome! especially love the hem on the grey one! I need to quit playing on the internet (watching Chuck) and bust out my sewing machine!!!

  2. Well yes the skirts are cool but my bag is awesome !!! It went to Chicago with me on Monday…. And has traveled to Crystal Lake and Bloomington plus others…… .Right now I have the jean part in the inside. It is neat to have the inside pockets 🙂

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