Christmas 2014 Gift Guide

Maybe a little late for this, especially since I already got most of my gifts. But I thought they looked so cute together! Just like a spread in a magazine! and they are all awesome gifts! so I thought I would share! πŸ™‚
1. Tea collection! This one is from Teavana, but any of your favorite teas would be well appreciated in my book!
2. Bobble waterbottle! Built in carbon filter and cute color!
3. Address book! with a fun print! I already can’t wait to do next years Christmas cards!
4. Xersion workout long sleeve tee! Again with the fun colors!
5. Homemade hot chocolate mix! Try Pinterest for scads of cute versions of these! But BEWARE I have heard from a very good source that they are not all as delicious as they look!
6. Hurricane Popcorn! Full disclosure-I bought this for myself…
7. Crossword Puzzle book! Keep that mind sharp!
8. Faux Fur Blanket! I came home with a cold, so I have been cuddled up with this non-stop! (I’m sure no one cares about the links anyway, but for some reason I feel obligated to post them. anyway, I linked to a RED blanket because the tan one is sold out! NOOOOO!)
9. Homemade Personalized Notebook! Cute cover, sweet note inside! Now, what will I write inside? Workout/Running Journal, secrets, goals, ideas, lists, puzzles, doodles, rhymes… I can never have enough notebooks…
10. Fun Pumps! Nothing makes me feel younger than a super bright and cute pair of dangerously high heels! Put these on and you instantly feel 10 years younger, no joke! I look hot! I’m going out tonight!
11. Avon foot cream! TLC after my long night dancing in heels! (or working…)
12. Grapefruit spoons! (not pictured) A really good gift! I love grapefruit, and I’ve probably mentioned more than once (probably even on this blog) how I just eat it over the sink because I don’t have the patience to figure out what you’re really supposed to do with it. These will save me so much time and energy!
My favorite part of Christmas is picking out things that my family and friends will really enjoy! This year my family beat me by 100%! I couldn’t have picked better gifts for myself if I’d tried! Thanks guys! You are the best!


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