Go Anywhere Dress

Dude. I do go anywhere in this dress. I wonder why I haven’t shown you yet, because I wear it a ton.

It is the Sewn. Square One For Your Style Go Anywhere Dress. This is one of the first patterns I bought. I fell in love when I walked past it at my first time inside Pacific Fabrics. (Amazing store BTW, bring your credit cards…) I wasn’t too confident at the beginning so I started with some patterns made specifically for beginners. I wish I had made this sooner though because I am literally wearing it everywhere.









Its verging on the edge of being too short! But I kind of like it like that 🙂 It has super cute panels for color blocking! I really wanted to use the dark blue hand dyed quilting cotton, but I was having time finding another match without spending too much money$$. I ended up remembering a long lost navy jersey in my stash, so I made the rest in a knit fabric. I’ve never combined knits with woven fabrics so it was a bit of an experiment for me. So I’m happy that it worked out. I omitted the back zipper because the jersey gives it just enough stretch to sneak over my head. I don’t know how I’d like the sleeves in a woven fabric. They already feel a little bit awkward to me in a stretchy material so I don’t think I’d like them even stiffer. Maybe too much like robot arms. I think the darts in the sleeve at the elbow are a super cute detail though. I love the pockets but they go down a little too low that if I actually put something in them I have to bend down a little awkwardly to retrieve it. I LOVE the way they look though, so I don’t think I’d change them.
I’ve worn it here:
bon (a bonfire 🙂 !)
librar (the library)
safewayLogo hahahahaha! I go there almost every day!
and here:
Cavalia’s Odysseo which was AWESOME!

5 thoughts on “Go Anywhere Dress

  1. Cute frock! 🙂 I can only sew felties and unfortunately, deadlines keep me from doing much of those anymore. Maybe one day I will figure out how to use my sewing machine without losing a finger – until then, I will hand sew felties, curtains and pillows and comment on the dresses of gals such as yourself. 🙂

    • Thank you! You know I’m one of the most clumsy people I know! But I’ve only smashed my finger maybe 3 times 🙂 never even drew blood-cooking is far more dangerous! 🙂 I would say if you get a chance, try a beginner pattern by Colette patterns- that’s how I learned to sew- they really give you beginner, simple, very spelled out instructions. (P.s. the Hazel dress is super cute!) https://www.colettepatterns.com/sewing/hazel

      • Oh this is a delightful little pattern! When my boy shakes the tummy bug I will see if I can wipe the dust off my sewing machine. Thanks for this! 🙂 You are a gifted seamstress! 🙂 Love your blog and adore making new friends. 🙂

      • Ain’t that the truth! 🙂 I have no clue why I shop so much at Hobby Lobby. I think my actual “hobby” is buying things that the Lord knows I have no time to make. 🙂

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