About Us!

Hi 🙂 Welcome to Fearsome 5!

Here you will find stories about our adventures, chaos, shenanigans, and day to day activities! We love staying connected and sharing our fun-join us!!


baahahahaha! this picture is a family favorite! Not only is Nat terrified of Figment (see crying baby)…Figment is apparently Beth’s new best friend! Look how chummy they are 😉 hahahah



Kristin is always up for fun and definitely keeps herself busy! She loves all things tea, reading, food related, dancing, sewing, Shakira, dogs (especially her adorable Malamutes!!), and traveling. Between working, she still finds time for all her hobbies and even finds time to volunteer. All in all, she’s a blast-you’d love hanging out with her!



groceryThis is Steph in her natural habitat 😉 haha, seriously-this girl LOVES the grocery store! Which makes sense since she is quite the cook and makes some seriously delicious stuff. (Homemade soft pretzels anyone?!) She loves games and home improvement projects. For her, a great time might include fixing a garage door, building a bench or fire pit, or re-shingling the roof! Steph is also the proud Mama to her beautiful daughter E-we bet they’ll be working on projects together in no time!!



(and occasional guest post by her husband, ADAM!!)


Rae and Adam have been married for about 2 years. She loves tea, crock pot recipes, traveling, sweets, and hiking. Rae is a self proclaimed ‘lady of leisure’ who likes playing board games, reading, sleeping in, and watching movies or tv. Adam is a movie buff who loves to read, listen to music, cycle, and travel. He is huge technology nerd and also makes a mean breakfast skillet.




Beth is a fun loving, easy going, chill little lady 🙂 She is probably one of the most relaxed people I know! When not hanging out with friends she could probably be found lost deep in a book or playing nintendo. Lately, she’s been busy with research and projects as a grad student in the deep south…which is sort of ironic since she also LOVES the winter. She seriously used to keep a window open all season. So Beth…this one is for you!




Nat loves traveling and using her time abroad to help others. She’s always looking out for others, willing to lend a helping hand, and has a heart of gold. She’s super smart, loves playing games, is hooked on Friends ;), can’t get enough of Just Dance (she’s got some wicked moves!), and is a loyal friend.  She’s someone you can always count on!




(rae, kristin, steph, baby beth)


(nat, beth)

That being said, we’re all really, pretty similar. We enjoy a lot of the same things and have a lot of the same mannerisms. Even though we are miles apart, we can’t help but wonder if we’re just about the same person, living separate lives….oooo eeee oo ee oooooooooo (hope you said that in a spooky tone 😉




8 thoughts on “About Us!

  1. Can I just say I love your blog! It took me a while reading old posts to work out how many of you write here….guess I should have looked at the ‘About’ page first. But I love the looks into your daily and adventurous lives!

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