Way back from Christmas time…oopsies delayed! HAHA

So I have a little bit of time today and I figured I should put up some posts, cause I have been doing a ton of things, but you guys have only gotten to see how busy school has been!

Here is a picture of a lizard I caught in my apartment. I didn’t keep it as a pet- they do much MUCH better outside in the wild anyways. =] Kinda looks like Nat’s little lizard pets:



I also went home for Christmas and got to see everyone!!

Julia and Becca at the Christmas party:


All three of us:


Nat and I took the dogs out to play in the snow. Such cuties!







They kinda look like huge panthers in there pictures. ALSO! Look at all that glorious snow! I know that it isn’t fair that I am in Louisiana and it is hot outside down here for me already while you guys all still have to wake up and shovel yourselves out- but still I was really glad to shovel when I was home!


Awww =] Such wild doggies ahaha

The yard looks awesome covered in so much snow! It was sooo nice being home again, I really needed the break!


Natski and I did some playing in the snow. It wasn’t really snowball making snow so we just kinda rolled around in it haha





Then I kinda forgot that I had a camera =/. Got too busy visiting and just hanging out with everyone. It was so great to meet Rae and Adam’s son, and just hang out with everyone!
We had a great Christmas celebration!
And then I went to Creighton to see Nat’s school and meet her friends before they all graduate!












The halftime show for the basketball game was a gymnastics team! And these girls were flying all over tarnation! It was great! And we won the game too!



I know this is a lot of pictures, so sorry to post them all at once… But we also went to the bridge between Iowa and Nebraska with Nat’s roommates and took a few more pictures.





After flying back down to Baton Rouge, I had about a month and a half of nonstop working and trying to get caught up on my work. It was worth it to be home for so long though!

I also decided that I needed to do something with all the scraps from sewing projects that I have been saving up. These scraps go back to my high school crafting days, hand sewing t-shirt blankets. I had a bunch of them and I saw a post pry about a year and a half ago about weaving a rug from scraps using a hula hoop as a frame! It looked super easy and I took a loom weaving class so I figured it would be a good project for me.

I got it all set up- I used a large mens shirt and cut rings from the bottom up to the arm holes for the warp pieces. Then I went to town weaving strips of scraps round and round! I pulled too tight at the beginning and then right at the end when I was tying the warp threads together… so it kinda looked like the shape of a lamp shade… I stretched it out a little to help it lay flatter. I thought it was too small to be very useful so I gave it to Bryan. He was really delighted with how it turned out and now it is on the floor in front of his bathroom sink. I’ll make another one that will be bigger and flatter for myself =] haha




That’s all for now! I think I am going to be getting so sewing projects going again decently soon. I am trying to get some work done this Mardi Gras break (we have no school Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday Morning! So I should get quite a bit done without having classes get in the way =]


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