Weeeell…I had hoped to be posting my Jamie Jeans by now, but have no fear, I’m still working on them. I didn’t have any appropriate stretch fabric to make a practice version, so I’m just going along making an awesome version with awesome fabric and going really slow, taking the time to get them perfect! Right now I’ve tried the zip fly about 5x and it doesn’t quite look right, so as soon as I post this I will be putting in the fly once and for all! In the meanwhile, mainly for Beth’s amusement, here’s my latest thing!

Jamberry fingernail wraps!

They weren’t too difficult, actually you could peel and stick a few times. Nice for a clumsy chica like me.

20140404-014631.jpg thumbs up! Do you like the little buttons, pins, and needles?

My cute baby pinky! Looks kind of like kid hands! Speaking of kid – wii fit told me I was age 20 today! Yeahhhhh!

Here’s the original of what the strip looked like, so then you cut it in half and use it on 2 different nails. For $15 I got enough to do my hands x2 and my toes x1 ! Pretty good deal I guess. Check back this weekend for my debut of the Jamie Jeans! I already know I need more of these!


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