Climbing out from under a Louisiana Rock

Hi! I haven’t written anything on here in ages! The school year got the better of me. This year of grad school (year 3) was so hard and stressful. It was the first time I actually seriously considered dropping out because it was so hard. I didn’t quit though,  and it has gotten harder yet again, haha.

The only good thing about it getting more difficult is that my capacity to handle the stress, hardwork, and busyness has increased =] and maybe my patience too…

I finished my last courses as a student that I will ever have to take, so now I have taken as many classes as most college professors. So wild! I have 2 years left still, one year for a general exam and one year for a dissertation. Those both sound like huge daunting tasks to take on… but coming up quick!

I’ve been working on a research project about a memory improvement technique called implementation intentions. It is basically forming a very solid intention for something you intend to carry out in the future. We have tested some young college age students and found that using this technique helped improve performance on tasks at the beginning of a virtual day. In about 6 hours I am going to a retirement community to give a presentation to 50 older adults to see if they would like to participate in this study =] (I should go to bed…but that leads to the reason why I am up in the first place)

TEACHING. Tomorrow is the second day. I hadn’t quite figured out how much work this takes until I was right in the middle of it. So I have majority of a lecture put together for tomorrow. But then I will have to read and prepare for the next day. And it will go on like this until Friday after class is over- which seems like a real eternity away (Pry cause I will spend most of it awake and working, oooof) And then start over next week until the middle of July frees me from teaching everyday and lets me focus on research again.

My class has 12 students enrolled, but only 9 showed up on the first day. We meet every weekday for 90 minutes. It is harder than I thought to get everything all set up for them. It has taken so much time in fact, that working on 3 other papers for school has gotten pushed to the back-burner. Then pushed even further until they nearly dropped off the stove top altogether.

I did take a 2 hour break to go swimming though, so that was fun =]

And a 5 day break to go home for Lauren’s wedding. Which was awesome fun! So good to be home for a few days and see everyone!

I have also gone on a few motorcycle rides with Dillon. Which is pretty new. It doesn’t take as much balance as I thought it would, but it takes more guts than I thought it would. Turns are scary, and fast is scary, oncoming traffic is scary. I’m well prepared though because Dillon got me a good helmet, and all of the protective gear to wear. AND! I don’t have to steer or change gears I just have to ride and brace myself when we slow down.

And of course breaks to eat meals. Dillon’s grandma made some jambalaya for me, and Dina and I tried a new restaurant for lunch.

Sooo I’ve been taking a lot of breaks, actually hahaha.

I sewed a few things that I don’t think I’ve written about, but I’ll save it for another middle of the night. I have a lecture to finish and a presentation to prepare for. And I suppose I should sleep…maybe tomorrow night…or maybe I won’t sleep until Friday, oye!



2 thoughts on “Climbing out from under a Louisiana Rock

  1. Whew, girl! I’m glad to be retired. Guess right you are just overly TIRED!!! It will be worth it in the end and you are already past the halfway mark. Whoo-hoo!!! Much love…xoxoxo ap

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