Granite mountain

i went on a hike with a few friends! 9 miles round trip, almost 4000 feet elevation gain. This was a doozy, but so worth it.

   Friends Jan and Paul. Sad to report I don’t know the name of the mountain in the background.

Breathtaking! I live in an awesome place!  Made it!!

  Who knew there would be snow?? I guess I should have…   Jan hiking off into the wild!  

Clowning! We talked non stop (Jan and I anyway…) and had plenty of snack breaks.    

Seriously middle of no where!  

Minutes prior to this, Jan was sliding down this path (basically sledding on her booty) to take this pic! I was the only skerdy cat who did not slide. But I wasn’t afraid of crashing or the height or the speed, I was afraid of being cold and frostbite. (So smart choice, I’d say!) 

Man, too pretty!

   The path below is I90 
  We went all the way up those grey rocks in the upper left of that last picture! Payout view! Though this picture does not do it justice! I am going to have to do a lot of hiking this summer!! Amazing! 

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