After so long of not buying clothes and trying to sew clothes, I went clothes crazy! Golden tote is super fun! They have totes where you choose 1 or 2 items and then they send you some surprise items! You fill out a profile about your size and style and wait to see what they picked for you! I love surprises! So this is too fun for me! But don’t worry I’m still sewing too!  Here is the first thing I picked!   I thought it would be really nice for summer get togethers!  Here is the first surprise! I love the colors!  2nd surprise is a blouse. I like the color but not so sure about that pattern or the old lady elastic sleeves.  3rd surprise, little black dress, I don’t have one of these yet…  4th surprise, chevron tank with cool back straps!   This blue tank top is another one that I chose! I don’t know why I didn’t take a nice picture of it, but I love it! Very soft, casual, and comfortable!  Love this! B&W are great classic colors!  Bra friendly!  Oh, well I thought I didn’t like it but I actually love it! Perfect fit!

   Too short and way too big armpit holes! I won’t show you that pic cause it’s indecent! I sold this!  The little black dress! Very soft and comfy!  Meh. I know I chose this but not really a fan. Plus it will get dirty, so I sold this too! 

I paid $149, but I made back $60 by selling the 2 items so I think that is a WIN! 


They have a facebook group where you can trade the clothes and it is so addicting! I need to get away! 


2 thoughts on “GoldenTote

  1. Love seeing you having fun!!! Keep these food and clothing crazes coming…they are getting to me just reading and looking. Love you. ap XOXO

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