Hello fresh round 2 and Seahawks 12k!

 Happy cinco de mayo!  check out the magazine! Lyon’s Roar! 🙂 citrus skillet shrimp and poblano peppers with roasted potatoes! The citrus was orange, which was a little tame! I would have liked lemon AND orange! And, I’ve never cooked shrimp before, but it was so crazy to watch them cook. They start out grey and turn pink/red/orange! I should have taken a before pic!  Wasabi grilled steak with soba noodle bowl, with creamy avocado soy dressing! They gave me a whole avocado to mash and make dressing! I only mashed 1/2 though and kept some chunks! Also a deliciously sweet red pepper! Shredded carrots! Sesame seeds! Was good cold the next day! Yum!  Got my medal! Don’t worry, I’m not switching to seahawks fan! Bears will always be number 1! But this promised to be a fun race and I have been training so it was perfect timing to try this out! 12k is about 7.5 miles and prior to this the most I’d ran without stopping was 5-6 a few summers ago when I was training for tough mudder. I just started retraining about 1 month prior to the race. I was doing about 12 minute pokey miles on the longer runs, so my goal was to continue that pace and also not to walk!  I beat both goals! My pace was 10:21/mile! Plus I won a $50 gift card to the Seattle Pro shop! They are trying to convert me! I’m going to give the gift card to Josh though because I have enough clothes, wait til next post! Also, they have Seattle Sounders gear-that’s our soccer team-so it’s perfectly fine, I’ll be back to Bears in no time! If you like clothes check back in a few days! 😉 xoxo k


2 thoughts on “Hello fresh round 2 and Seahawks 12k!

  1. congratulations on the 12 K awesome!!!… your meals look delicious! Can I come for dinner 🙂 did you send them to hello fresh you couldwin a prize!!!

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