Hello fresh, bark box, kind bars, and more! 

 Mom got me hooked on subscription boxes! Thanks Mom! Hello fresh has been fun for me because it is perfect portion sizes and teaches me new recipes. I don’t know why, but this has been MUCH MORE SUCCESSFUL fir me than picking a recipe off the internet, shopping, and cooking. Maybe I have bad taste?   Oh! This wasn’t from hello fresh, it was a recipe from oh she glows blog and it was delicious! Must make again soon!  This is one of the hello fresh meals! Juicy pork chop, broccolini, and butternut squash with sage. Delicious. Can you believe I did that!?  And this!?!? I roasted 1/2 a chicken! Bomb! With couscous, asparagus, olives, and a caramelized lemon. So gourmet!  Dogs have been loving their bark box prizes! That was Ko with some kind of boxer!? (The favorite toy hands down!)  and Moo with a bouquet of flowers! Each flower pulls out of the newspaper individually! Of course they get tons of treatises too!   I tried to make my own KIND bars and they were amazing. I straight copied a recipe I found online so I’m not going to plagiarize it but if I find the site again I will link it up! So good and so cheap compared to the originals!   And, here’s me finishing up a boot camp! I’m training for the Ragnar relay in July! My team is full of awesome ladies!


One thought on “Hello fresh, bark box, kind bars, and more! 

  1. Your recipes rock! Love the pics. Can’t wait to try them. Your Mom is “Super Woman!” I love her as much as I love you. Mushy, mushy. lol. Glad you are on my team ( sounds like I am running) I love that thought! You two are still too cute! XOXO AP

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