surprise hit of the summer

I get it. summer is over. BUT I’m still pretending it’s summer over here with my vegetables!

So. anyway, The last box came last week and it was chock full of all the leftovers. SO. MANY. VEGETABLES. Luckily there are a lot of squash and potatoes that will keep a while. But I’m really going to miss fresh tender lettuce. This was my surprise favorite meal (yeah. meal…maybe not the most well rounded or filling…thats what dessert is for…) So no further delay–3 recipes for delicious delicious lettuce!

1. how to make lettuce taste like french fries! take the whole head and lay it sideways on the cutting board. cut off the top 1.5 inches or so and throw them into the salad spinner. continue cutting off pieces and getting them ready to wash. when you’ve got enough, rinse them very very good. then dry them. then drizzle with GOOD olive oil and sprinkle with salt. this sounds simple but it is amazing. I have a feeling it only works with fresh fresh lettuce though…

2. how to make lettuce taste like a soft pretzel! hahahaha! OK not completely, but really, for me it’s all about the mustard. so cut and wash your lettuce in the same way as #1. In your salad bowl add 2 scoops of mayo (or olive oil if thats all you have) 1 scoop of dijon mustard and 1 scoop of honey. stir that up well. add the lettuce and voila! honey mustard is so good when you make it yourself! (I make mine with miracle whip cause that’s what J likes)

3. spicy spicy lettuce wraps. take any kind of meat and toss it into the crockpot with a can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. add in some broth and some cumin and come back in 8 hours. whatever you chose will now be tender and delicious. but also very spicy. wrap it in lettuce to tone down the flavor a bit!

Sorry this post is probably not exciting to anyone but me. Who would have ever thought I would do an entire post on lettuce! xoxox


4 thoughts on “surprise hit of the summer

    • uh? i think with ground beef you would probably want to cook it up first so you can get rid of all the fat and it doesn’t just end up in your sauce from the crockpot. I could be wrong on this though.

      On Thu, Oct 23, 2014 at 2:02 PM, Fearsome 5 (& family!) wrote:


  1. Yeah number 3 sounds so good! I live french fries so number 1 may be a stretch, haha 🙂 very creative though, im usually boring with lettuce and just do salad or on tacos/sandwiches so these sound yummy!

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