My #OWOP round up!

OWOP=One week, one pattern
So you make sure all week you are wearing something made from that pattern! I took the easy route and used the Sewaholic Renfrew tee! What could be easier than t-shirts!?! And they fit so well! Maybe next year I’ll experiment more with styling but… I dunno I think t-shirt and jeans (or shorts or track pants) is my style!
Day 1

20140913-082844.jpg after yoga. I think I look like Nat here.
Day 2

20140913-082939.jpg B&W striped renfrew. I also wore a matching skirt with this to an Indian holiday called Onam! We had so much great and Different food! But I thought the combo looked a bit too jailbird…
Day 3

It was cold! What the heck! Grandma Wendel renfrew paired with jeans for running errands before work!
Day 4

Grey cowl neck! This one is probably my favorite! It just fits so good and has the cowl neck for a little extra class!
Day 5

Another cowl neck! I was getting self conscious with all the selfies so I tried to spice it up a bit and wear my cowl as a hood. I wore this to get a massage and the receptionist told me she loved it!
Day 6 (and 7 technically)

Kangaroo pocket and ice cream cones! Maybe this is my fave! Too bad it got covered up by scrubs! I worked the night shift. And stayed over til noon! WOW overtime! So, I pretty much slept thru day 7. But technically I was still wearing it. Anyway… I got home and found a helper!
Day 7

Koda doing some modeling! What a ham! I’m only afraid we may have ripped a few seams trying to get it off!

More pics of the Grandma sweatshirt soon! It’s cold again today!


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