Something odd!

So i had my ears pierced in 4th grade as you guys know. And I had ear infections and they caused a big hassle until i finally just took my earrings out for good in 7th grade. Oddly enough, I found an old earring at my house and it went through my earring hole no problem! On both ears! So apparently my ears are still very much pierced, but now they have no infections or troubles 11 years later! Who wouldve guessed! haha

School starts on Monday, and this is the first time that only one Lyon sister is still in school as a student since roughly 1990 when Steph went to kindergarden.  

I have about 50 pages of reading for classes on Tuesday and Wednesday, and pry another 70 for research. Still got to figure out what our lab members are going to be working on now while the rest of everything gets set up for the next memory project =]

Miss you guys!



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