Candy Smoothie

Sorry for my absence! I’m just doing too much lately! Mostly fun although a lot of work too. Usually hospital census is lower in the summer and if we want we can get away with only working 2 12hour shifts/week. Not so this summer! 😦 oh well, good to be needed I guess.

I have tons of finished sewing projects, but I haven’t gotten any pictures because
A. It’s too hot to put on a sweatshirt
B. I gave the coasters away
C. Tank top is a little scandalous for the Internet
D. I’m lazy and keep forgetting to charge my camera
E. hemming pants is super boring but also super super nice

So anyway, here’s a crummy pic and a good recipe!


In a blender put:
1 frozen banana
1/2 cup ginger green tea (or water)
1 tsp honey
1/3 of a giant sized peeled cucumber
1 peach, pit and stem removed
2 cups kale

Blend and enjoy! This makes 2 servings. Or in my case one big serving.

Also, I just found this picture of the coasters.


These are a fun gift! (I made for Josh’s grandma because she always gives me little prizes. She is one of those people where she just gives her stuff away. I came away from our camping trip with a bunch of knitting tools and a new blanket-from Mexico!) also they are great practice for quilting. They come from my friend Adrienne’s book , Everyday Handmade
🙂 xo


3 thoughts on “Candy Smoothie

  1. I didn’t know you got a vitamix!! Do you love it? What awesome stuff have you made? Have you tried the peach sorbet? It’s awesome!

    • I love it! although I gave up something awesome to get it because its so expensive, so I am ambivalent about that. I use it every day! oh! no I haven’t but I just got some amazing peaches in my CSA! I’ll have to try it!

      Also, I just got a great tip that would make this candy smoothie even better…FREEZE green tea into ice cubes! mine was still kinda warm… I just couldn’t wait!

      • Ooo good idea! Oh sorry you had to give something up to get it that you loved too. Maybe you can get it back someday. It’s so good! Peaches, ice, sugar, and vanilla…yum!

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