Summer tuna pasta salad

Does anyone else love pasta salad in the summer? Here’s what I made yesterday!

20140705-164800.jpg This isn’t really anything new- I had fresh dill and shell peas, so I typed that into google! The results were overwhelming for tuna pasta salad. So I read about 6 recipes for it, and then did it my own way. Just take what I have and make it work 🙂
2 cans of Kirkland albacore -might have been too much, I needed to put in a lot of mayo/oil
1 cup-ish miracle whip
Giant handful of fresh chopped dill
Squeeze out the lemon that’s been in the fridge a few days
Add in some olive oil when all that seems too dry 😉
Set aside.
Boil a box of fun pasta according to directions. Shell up a pound of so of shell peas-AMAZING.
Toss in the peas when there is a minute left to cook.
Drain this and add it to the tuna mix
Salt and pepper as preferred. This was awesome!

Here’s what else I ate yesterday besides breakfast, just for funsies!

ONE Oreo

Sautéed turnip greens with garlic, green onion, and real bacon bits !

Cherries, there were actually a lot more than that but I forgot to take a pic quick enough!

Ritz crackers with homemade veggie cream cheese! Check out Ree Drummond’s blog the Pioneer Woman for how I got this idea! I didn’t use her recipe at all (probably should have as mine was a little spicy-all that garlic…) I just tossed in everything I had that sounded good!

And dinner: Barbacoa style shredded chicken, homemade Mexican rice, and lettuce and green onions to dull down the spice a bit!
Later dudes!


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