The veggie box.

Well, I remembered to take a pic of my CSA spoils this week. $25/week and all this produce is delivered within 1 mile of my house, I just have to walk over and pick it up. (And eat it)

All locally grown and organic! Supporting the farmers!
Pink beauty radishes- lg. bunch
Snap peas-big bag 2 lb maybe?
Baby gem lettuce x2
Broccoli x2
Apple mint-lg bunch
**not pictured-a large bunch of cilantro that I left behind- yuck!
Not a bad deal- I think at the g-store if I bought all this it’d be around $18 to get comparable items. But the lettuce and carrots are exponentially better than regular! And I don’t even know where you’d get apple mint. It’s good. So far I’ve just thrown a few leaves in hot water. Minty but also slightly creamy! I can’t wait to crush some up with a fruit salad. It’s also known as pennyroyal if you want to try and find some yourself.


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