It’s a great day!

Hi Guys! So far, today has been really good!
I’ll tell you why:

Had a presentation this morning- it went well.
I still have a lot of things to do on my list before it is summertime- but I don’t feel the pinch and pressure of a deadline immediately.
I had coconut cookies in my office
I won at minesweeper.
I feel motivated to start my paper due Tuesday today.
I found out Nat is going to drive my new car back from Omaha with me!
Bryan gifted me an apple for lunch, and it was delicious.
One of the office workers is going to help proctor some make up exams for me next week (4 hours less of me watching people take tests!)
This is hopefully the last day ever that I have to sit in this computer lab!
I am wearing a pair of shorts that I think make my legs look super fly.
I feel well hydrated haha

It has just been a really good day! It is 71 degrees and sunny, no storms last night (I would know cause I was up until 2am working on the presentation for this morning hahaha)

And in other news: Ollie the dog turned 9 yesterday! I will have to take him for a walk when I am home or something =]

Miss you guys Can’t wait to see you for N’s graduation!!!!!!!! So Soon!! A xoxoxox


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