American Hustle

A con movie…


My thoughts on this:
– loved the music! BeeGees and Live and Let Die, just yes!
– kind of drawn out, long, and boring. It could have been way more exciting in much less time. Not the greatest con movie out there
– there were a couple strange scenes where the characters were signing along to the music. This happened multiple times and some of them didn’t really seem to fit.
– it was ok but not my favorite. Not bad enough where I started doing something else during it instead though.

How did you like it? (I wrote more last night but accidentally deleted it πŸ˜‰ so this is all I can do)


2 thoughts on “American Hustle

  1. I was excited to watch this one, because there was a lot of talk about it. I thought it was pretty boring though. I guess my expectations were set too high. I kinda felt like each actor was trying to be the lead role, and that made it hard to relate to any of them as well.

    I ended up painting my nails/ folding laundry/ washing dishes/ doing stretches/ and cooking food while watching this one…hahah

    • Yeah…for a con movie it was pretty boring. I usually dig cons πŸ˜‰ good point on them all trying to be the star…that’s a great way to put it

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