I worked all weekend and we watched a movie each night…and some were really good! I think I wanted to watch movies instead of read to make it feel more like a weekend. But the last couple movies we watched (until this weekend) were pretty bad…and tough to get into. Anyway, I’m gonna try to start reviewing some again so if you’re looking to watch anything maybe I’ll give you ideas.

If you trust me 😉

Friday we watched Gravity.

I had really low expectations for this movie. I didn’t even really want to see it, even though I really, really love space stuff. I figured that it would be boring since it mainly had 1 or 2 characters, assuming that there would be no dialogue for most of it. I hate those…

Anyway, Gravity wasn’t like that at all. It was actually really good and a little nerve wracking! Plus…there were some really awesome shots of space. Were those real? Or was it computerized? Regardless they were beautiful!

This also made me think about space a little different. I always glamorized the idea of going into space and what it would be like. How awesome it probably would be. This changed my views completely…I’m terrified!!! Especially being out of the ship! You could just…float, away, and not be able to do ANYTHING about it. Yikes! That’s so scary!

Did you guys see this? What did you think? If you’re looking for something to watch, I’d highly recommend it. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

On a totally different note…we got an inch or so of snow today, and it totally stuck too. Wild!


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