Spring Break!

it is finally Spring Break here at LSU! but instead of that meaning I have a week to float in the pool and relax, it means I have no classes during the day to slow me down and I can work constantly and un-interrupted on all of the work and projects I need to finish before the end of the semester!

I had a presentation last Friday, it went well! It was about thesis data, so exciting to be analyzing and writing all of that work up! It is still a ways off from saying, one project totally completed! (mostly because there are always revisions, and other drafts, converting the thesis into a manuscript for submission for publication in a journal and all the work that goes with it.
But! It will be nice to have defended my project and get the bulk of the work out of the way!

Dr. Cherry invited a student to join the lab next year, Katie, and she said she would! So I will have a labmate to work on projects with next year! I met her earlier this year when she came to interview and stayed at my apartment- we get along well!

After I finish writing up the results of the memory intervention for my thesis I think I will make a game plan for tomorrow’s tasks. I think I will try to tackle the take home final tomorrow… or maybe hunt for articles for the paper and presentation in the language seminar… or maybe both of those tasks.

These are projects yet to be done in order of due date:
Thesis document draft due to Cherry for revisions (approx 2 hours of work left)-due tonight
Cognition Article summary and discussion (approx 3 hours)- 22nd
Take home final for language seminar (approx 8 hours of work)-24th
Thesis final version send to committee (pry close to 45 hours of work left??)- 24th
Guest Lecture for Cherry (pry 2 hours for prep work)-24th
Overview of Literature for fishermen book chapter (approx 6 hours)-28th
Cognition discussion questions due (approx 1 hour)- May 1st
Paper presentation for language seminar(hmm…going to guess 15 hours of work)-30th
Paper for seminar (additional 20 hours for writing on top of the presentation)- May 6th
Cognition class final exam (study approx 2 hours)- May 7th
Thesis Defense Presentation (15 hours)-May 8th
Proctor Final Exam for Cherry’s class/ make copies and grade (approx 6 hours)- May 9th

I think that is everything until the end of the semester. It is going to be a long month that is for sure! And hopefully a very productive spring break (it would be soooo awesome if I got most of this stuff taken care of! Then I could just fret about thesis stuff!)



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