5 & 6 Months

Welp, I am realllly slow at putting these up. Which is too bad because I forget what’s happened in the specific timeframe. But whatcha gonna do?






This little man is getting so big! I remember when he was smaller than that bee! It’s so wild that he is already 6 months!! As of today….
-he sleeps pretty well. Some nights it’s all the way through, some nights he wakes up 1-2 times. He usually goes down between 7-8 and wakes up between 6-7.
-still just nursing. We’re so excited to start him on food but keep forgetting to pick it up at the store. He has his 6 month appointment next week so we will probably just wait for that at this point. But he is SO excited to eat! He stares at us while we eat and mimics our chewing. If he’s sitting on our laps he’s grabbing at our bowls and pulling them close to peek in, grabbing at our silverware or food on it, trying to drink out of your cups…he will be a good eater I think
-he loves watching the cars go by outside!
-and loves the bathroom! Looking in the mirror, the water, baths, anything!
-he’s been so smiley! He will just be sitting there watching you and when you look at him he will just grin 🙂 melts my heart!
-he loves outside and going for walks
-he loves trying to put his feet in his mouth and doesn’t like when we try to put a diaper back on him because he wants to play with his feet.
-sits up pretty well on his own but still flops sideways or backward occasionally
-rolls from his back to his stomach a lot and then gets upset. He doesn’t seem to remember how to roll back over for some reason anymore.
-it’s so great when he gets his little laugh going 🙂 I blew my nose and said “woo” and he laughed about it for a good 10′ 🙂
-he loves sitting and standing to play, the stander play saucer thing is his favorite
-he is always grabbing my necklace, hair, phone, whatever to shove in his mouth
-still no teeth!
-he does this fake cough thing a lot, or at least it sounds fake, like he’s clearing his throat or to get attention or something
-he still is chatting up a storm and makes all sorts of noises. It sounded like he was saying “ma” today but maybe that’s just me 😉
-he loves when dad gets home from work 🙂
-also enjoys sheep in a jeep, “Shake, Shake, Shake, Shake your booty,” peek a boo, his blocks with moving parts, music, anything that lights up, his feet, watching dad play hockey, and whatever else he can fit in his mouth!


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