More rain in LA, who’s surprised?

Hi Guys! It is raining again here. Has been rainy all week. Huge cracks of thunder too =/

I didn’t used to hate thunderstorms so much, but really I think living down here has made me kinda freaked by them. The thunder is so loud if ALWAYS sounds close. =[

I have been working on my Masters Thesis lately. We are studying memory self-appraisals in nonagenarians! The results so far look like 90-year olds think about their memory much the same way that 60-70-80-year olds think of their memory! This is pretty interesting, because we see memory declines with age (starting as early as your 20s), so we thought our assessment of our memory would also decline…not so! Those over 65 have the same beliefs about how much they can control their memory, as in, do they think that the declines they see in their memory is just a lost cause, or can they put in effort to see potential improvements (according to the Memory Controllability Inventory-which we have to look a bit more into the psychometric properties of the scale to see for sure how reliable it truely is…. but that is pry another thesis project hahah). Those over 65 have the same assessments of the functioning of their memory, in the frequency of how often they forget things, and the seriousness of those slip-ups. 

I was kinda hoping that we would find significant results, but these null results still tell us about the aging population- so that is good (just more difficult to get published). I will be defending my masters in May (the 8th! eek so soon!) and am hoping to graduate in the summertime. I think it is August Graduation- a good reason to come on down for a visit! 

Dr. Cherry is back in town, thank goodness! So I no longer have to teach her class (well…until the 24th- she asked me to fill in then too). We are working hard this week to get a presentation up and running about this thesis data. I am going to be presenting this stuff to the Cognitive and Developmental grad students and faculty This Friday at noon. I’m kinda nervous about it. Mostly because I haven’t finished analyzing everything yet. And last year people asked me tons of questions.

Next week is spring break- Which really means week without classes so you can do all of the projects lined up. I have the thesis document to write up, and a lot of re writing to do before I give it to my defense committee. I have a language seminar that has a presentation after spring break, as well as a research proposal paper, and a take home final due. And I also have a final exam, article summary, and a group discussion for cognition class.

I am flying home for N’s graduation though on the 13th! and that cannot come soon enough! (well within reason-I have to finish all these projects and sew half a blanket!) Dr. Cherry takes good care of me, I will have funding over the summer =]. But that also means I will have to be working hahha. I was thinking about registering for a ceramics class here this summer. I talked with the professor, she said they are going to be building a kiln! That is what the class project is! I am not sure if I will take the class or not, I would like to, but art classes are also pretty expensive, and if we are building a kiln will there be time to make things and fire them? I don’t know…but I would like to know! haha

Anyways, This was pry kinda a boring post. Me just blabbing on and on. I am stuck sitting in this PSYC 2000 lab. It feels like a library sorta- and all I have to do is swipe students ID cards to log their hours for the week. There is another lab worker here though and he is right by the swiper. So I don’t have to really do anything (which seems like a huge waste of resources to me. and it is distracting, interrupted time so it is hard for me to work in here).

Love you guys!



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