Hooray! My favorite make to date!


OK, its actually sunny outside, so forgive my pictures, I was having a heck of time getting these to turn out. Alright, alright, on with the show, and I promise to take better pictures sometime soon because I plan on wearing these ALL. THE. TIME.


I won this pattern on a contest on REVES MECHANIQUE a few months ago. And here’s why its taken me so long. I put in the zip fly about 5 different times, trying to get it just right. Unfortunately, I think all of that messing with it has stretched out the fabric a little bit. Plus I put on the waistband the wrong way-note my buttonhole mark is WAY off, almost on top of the pocket. I had to make the buttonhole vertical because there wasn’t enough room.. Oops. Oh well, I already can’t wait to make these again.


I would never wear my shirt like this but I wanted you to see how nice the booty and back pockets look.


So cute. and so comfortable. I don’t remember which size I cut, I think US 8, but they were a little big and I ended up taking in some extra at the seams. It doesn’t have quite as nice of recovery as I was hoping, so after wearing them all day the fly area got a little saggy.


they fit right inside boots!


Outside isn’t working any better picture wise, but dang! those are cute pants!




Dressed up. (please ignore sports bra, if I change outta that there’s NO WAY I’m working out later)


check out my belt loops.


Here’s how I’ll probably normally wear them. I love these! I’m looking forward to making some out of colored denim! Thanks Kim! I love these!


3 thoughts on “Amazing JAMIE JEANS

  1. they look awesome! i couldn’t even tell any of the things you said were messed up were messed up! looks great, and you are right, they can go for any sort of style =]

  2. addendum. after I have worn the pants all day (and stretched them out a bit) I think that they were correct in the button marking. I didn’t think I could get into the pants if I put the buttonhole where I originally marked it, so I moved it out. Anyway. My bad. I think that it would probably be perfect there. I wonder if I would totally ruin the pants if I made a 2nd buttonhole 🙂 hehe

  3. Wow they look great! I love the fabric too 🙂 Now I need to put them on my own to-sew-list.. Good luck with the 2nd buttonhole if you decide to make it.. I’m sure it will turn out fine! Looking forward to your Archer too..

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