The HUNGER week Challenge! and sweet 16!

Well, I made a bracket, but I didn’t win the billion dollars. No one did. So maybe they’ll do it again next year. I never really got into March Madness, so the contest changed my world. (Plus something to think about besides eating!)

I learned this week that I love to snack. That’s what kills me. I’ll eat a half bag of doritos inbetween meals. (That’s roughly $1.50) So I didn’t this week. But I wanted to!

My main day consisted of

Breakfast: Yogurt $0.38, berries $0.5 (just a few), hard boiled egg $0.17, 1.5 cups (2 servings) of cereal $0.63. Total $1.68

Lunch: cup milk $0.24, 2 slices bread $0.20, 1/2 can tuna $1.05, wedge cabbage $0.27, scoop broccoli $0.42. Total $2.18

Dinner: 3 taco size tortillas $0.15, baked red potato $0.21, 7 oz. chicken breast $0.91, chilies in adobo $0.17, apple $0.86 Total $2.30

Grand total:$6.16 shew. $6.30 was the days target. But I used some staples I had lying around here actually, like oil, salt, pepper, vinegar, bacon bits… so I’m sure I hit the $6.30 mark.

For lunches I switched in PB&J for the tuna a few times, but I didn’t feel as full afterward. (but so delicious) One day I had mac n cheese instead of the sandwich, but the same, I didn’t feel as full. I miss my snacking.  sometimes I ate only 1/2 the apple and then subbed in some popcorn, because with butter and all, popcorn is only about $0.15 for a medium size bowl. I thought apples were cheap, but for these purposes they were NOT.

The average daily calories I was eating was 1,484. Prior to the challenge I was eating 1,800-2,300 calories/day. I could definitely tell a difference, but I also wasn’t starving.


CONFESSIONS: I was cooking rice (subbed for baked potato a few times) and I spilled all over the floor. I was worried about making my goal so I tried picking it up and it was all mixed with dog hairs. That was too difficult for me to separate and so I ended up throwing it away 😦 One night at work 3 people brought in cookies! (1 patient brought shamrock sugar cookies, 1 nurse made homemade choc. chip and also homemade white choc. and cranberry and another nurse brought mint oreos.) I had one of each (or MORE) TO EAT! and also horded a few for the next day since I was missing my snacks! FREE TREATSIES!!!

I was glad to go to the store today and be able to buy the brand of yogurt that I like, even though it’s more expensive. I learned that I take a lot for granted, I’m so lucky I don’t have to count money and make sure I’ll be well fed (maybe I should even track the opposite way, so I don’t overfeed myself) All in all, I would say this was a very successful adventure!


2 thoughts on “The HUNGER week Challenge! and sweet 16!

  1. Sounds like a rough time keeping such close track of how much you spend on food. I think one thing that really helps me is having a really nice expensive meal every now and again. Yes that means more noodles for other meals later in the week, but at least during a trip to Texas Roadhouse, I feel super full and don’t have to worry about cooking it myself.

    I think a lot of times people get in an uproar about people using food stamps on non-essential foods. But to me, I think having a splurge every once in awhile is good for everyone. Makes you feel more human, and can even make you feel very satisfied even for just that one meal. To subsist on essentials alone can be very tiresome and frustrating, so buying things other than essentials now and again with food stamps I think is totally fine. What do you guys think?

    • Oh yea totally! I didn’t tell you my dinner “splurge” was chicken nuggets (homemade) coated in cheese-it crumbs! I ate the shredded Mexican chicken all week cause its cheap(when on sale) and easy but the box of cheese-it’s was gonna put me over the edge if I did it all week 🙂 what a delicious splurge!

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