T shirt blanket and new shelf!

So nat if you are wanting this to be a suprise dont look…
Also this isnt done still =[ I have the back sewn together and some of the front shirts sewn together, but not all of them. and then i need to sew the front to the back, and put a few things on so the blanket holds together.






I tried to hold up the back part so you guys could see it was sewed up, but it was too big i couldn’t hold it up and get far enough away to take a photo haha

my room was also feeling like a huge mess because i have a wholeeee bunch of t shirts and sheets and things ready to be cut apart. I have been on the look-out for shelves, actually a shelf that is tall and skinny that could fit into the little one foot gap between my desk and the wall. and what do you know! Dr. Kelley’s lab down the hall from my office was remodeling and they gifted me these shelves to keep! They were perfect! Then it was just a matter of can i fit everything sewing related onto this…




so this is all the stuff. it is basically just a huge pile of old clothes. I did find a few funny things in the mix too though. like school pictures of two youths from the mid-90s. As well as a curtain valance that would easily make a very puffy skirted minidress haha



after a lot of folding i finally got everything just wear i wanted it! this will be reallllllly awesome because now i can see all the materials I have to work with and easy to find without having to sift through a huge pile! =] I am so happy with how well this worked!


All i have wanted to eat today is chocolates and cheese fries and arnold palmer drinks. lazy sunday for me. I hope you guys are doing great! xoxo

ps nat I will finish that blanket…just a matter of when =]

3 thoughts on “T shirt blanket and new shelf!

  1. the dress was actually just a long piece of curtain wrapped around me- not actually a dress yet, it was super thick around the middle from all the tom of the curtain haha
    also I thought the seals would totally look like they were playing in my pockets, so realistic hahaha

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