Food Stamp Challenge 2014

I guess its hunger week (or end hunger week) or something like that March 17-22. At least here in King County anyways. Its something that the United Way puts on!

********************HUNGER ACTION WEEK********************************

So, I’m going to do my best to help out because so much of my life revolves around food I can’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to want food. Or even worse, worry where my next meal would come from. I’ve always been lucky enough to have anything I wanted food-wise. My first purchase with my first paycheck was an extra-large carton of cheddar cheese goldfish crackers. I like meeting friends for lunch, dinner, or coffee. I’m frequently trying out new recipes and bringing snacks to work potlucks or swapping recipes with my sisters. What if I didn’t have that luxury? So, I’m going to do this years FOOD STAMP CHALLENGE!

This link has info on the challenge, plus some other things you and I can do to help end hunger. Basically, I’m going to try to be on the food stamp budget. $6.30/day is all I get for all meals. Snacks, forget about it! (I’m pretty sure at least, we’ll see how this goes) It’s going to be tough. I love greek yogurt for a protein filled snack, but the type I like is $1/serving. It might not fit into the budget. We’ll see. At least I have a good feeling that if all else fails, I can eat popcorn!

Anyone else want to join me for the FOOD STAMP CHALLENGE?



4 thoughts on “Food Stamp Challenge 2014

  1. That is basically about how much I have budgeted for meals- $200 a month. I eat a lot of pasta, don’t drink much more than water. It works pretty decently if you eat a meal for early lunch, and then early dinner. Rice is another good one to try and feel full on, that and frozen pizzas. Good luck!

  2. I don’t think we don’t do much more than that either for 2 of us. Eating out is what kills our food budget. Eggs are another easy, cheaper option. Scramble some up with potatoes! Yum! Good luck!!

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