Purple People Eater

WARNING! this might be a long post!


first, check out what I had for breakfast. Hard boiled egg, but I jazzed it up with garlic infused salt and BACON BITS! mmm. (I also had berries and oatmeal)

next up, get a load of this “gift” our new union sent me!


They said something along the lines of, Many of our members are busy, and do a lot of work as they go. They really love this pen-on-a-rope for charting. We hope you will find this pen-on-a-rope useful. Hahahaha! Thanks union,  but next time I’d prefer a spoon-on-a-rope so I can scarf my yogurt…


OK! now the sewing! I present to you…………………………



I’m sorry, it might be a little disappointing, its actually looking pretty BLUE on my computer. I can assure you this is ROYAL PURPLE. Like LSU color or UW for my Washington peeps.


The tee is another Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono tee, which I love the fit. (p.s. its a free pattern!!) Looser at my belly but snug on the bust so its pretty flattering for me.


I did a much better job with the neckline this time though.


And the leggings! WHOAAAAAAAA. Seriously my new favorite pattern. I want these for EVERYTHING in EVERY COLOR. Fits in perfect to my “uniform” for every day life. They are the Espresso Leggings by Cake Patterns!

Go there and check them out! They are custom fit, you take a lot of measurements, and connect some dots and voila! Plus there’s only 1 pattern piece. Each leg is one piece! No outer leg seam. So it would be great for patterns too! and Super quick to cut out! These fit instantly (because they were “custom” drafted for me!) The instructions do recommend making a practice run, but I couldn’t possibly wait any longer (I think I’m already a year behind on these)! I really LOVE purple, and this is a bamboo jersey with some lycra or spandex or something like that. It feels so nice so I am happy it worked out. So basically, I need to get more fabric with enough stretch and stretch recovery, and then I will be having a leggings party! I can’t say enough good things about this pattern. SO AWESOME and even my sewing haste didn’t mess them up.


Oh, OK, I messed up the waistband just a little bit because I caught the elastic in a few places. So its bunchy when it’s laying flat, but it looks normal when they are on.


And do you love that cute ribbon tag or what? If you are in the market for leggings I recommend this pattern 100%. Plus its super measurement based, so theoretically if you wanted to make some for gifts all you would need are the measurements. I realize that is true for every pattern technically, but you never really know how the pattern is going to fit. Or, I have a little bit of trouble with the “sewing math” and converting measurements on the 3D body to 2D paper and giving myself generous enough seam allowances, etc. This pattern DOES ALL THE MATH FOR YOU! It also taught me a lot because I understand a leetle bit better how to take my measurements and tailor them into the pattern. I definitely don’t feel like a master in that area yet though.

Last words on the leggings and then I’ll go do some chores or something…

Cake Patterns is an amazing company to work with! I have done a few sewalongs with StephC. and she is a great teacher. She is the one who got me hooked on sewing knits. She will answer your questions if you have any. But you probably won’t have many because she has gorgeous picture tutorials for everything. She takes the time to look at your projects and comment! She believes every woman should feel beautiful. She has great taste in music and fabric! She has fun contests and games! Her sewalongs are like little competitions, and they are the MOST interactive sewalongs I’ve ever done! Oh, also, she’s a pattern drafting genius! I’m done now. I’ll leave you with a few more pictures. But seriously, check out CAKE PATTERNS!





(I’m Paul Hamm. Where is my brother Morgan? 🙂 tee hee inside joke)


2 thoughts on “Purple People Eater

  1. Spoon on a rope…hahaha crack me up!

    LOVE the purple people eater outfit!! Looks so good and comfy too! I gotta get me some of those shirts!! Maybe I’ll get brave and try someday…err…you might have to help me get started.

    Also…impressive Paul Hamm….have you been practicing 😉

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