my spring green kimono tee+ update + contest!

This is kind of a muslin. I didn’t really like this fabric because it is kind of a polyester-y, clingy, fur collecting fabric. But I’ve been wanting the Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono Tee forever, so I used it to test the fit.


It’s a quick make, only 2 pieces, plus a neck binding strip. OK OK so 3 pieces to cut out and sew together.


Well, I hated the fabric, but I love the tee so I might be keeping it.


Oh, here’s a close up of how I messed up the neck binding, can you see how it isn’t even at all!? Oops! It’s totally uneven in the back too, but at least in the back I centered the skinny part right in the middle so it looks like a little design feature πŸ™‚


Oooooooh my teeth look good there. I swear I didn’t photoshop any of these! #nofilter

sooooooo. since I have tons of fabric like this left (over 1 yard) write me a comment of what your spring sewing plans are and I’ll pick a winner next weekend (actually probably no one will comment in which case I know who I’ll give it to.)

And just some updates: last August (check the archives) I made a post about MY OWN sewing dreams. Here’s an update of how I did.

red, white, and blue quilt: DONE, I can’t believe I didn’t share this here on the blog

Cynthia Rowley dress: NOT DONE, I keep putting it off because I don’t wear dresses that much

Papercut Undercover Hoodie: DONE, in fleece and Christmas!

Cropped Jacket: NOT DONE, that fabric just isn’t my style. I know I should muslin (practice run of sewing a new pattern) but I’m too impatient

New pair of jeans: IN THE WORKS. probably you will see these in a month or 2, I’m trying to be really careful and accurate

Sewn Square One Go Anywhere Dress: DONE, I can’t believe I haven’t blogged this yet, I wear it all the time!

Sewaholic Minoru: NOT DONE, still honing my skills πŸ™‚

3 different jerseys turned into t-shirts: DONE, DONE, and not DONE. Let’s face it, that brown fabric is U-G-L-Y, it ain’t got no alibi. You’ll see the purple shirt soon though!

Brown shirting Sinbad and Sailor Dove fitted tee: DONE, and given away. I can’t believe I didn’t even take any pictures of this. I made it a little too small, so the back was constantly all the way open. It wasn’t just a little peek here and there. But I did wear it to a lunch “date” with some co-workers and it’s loose fit was perfect for the buffet. Next time I will size up and then put some darts into the front for a little shaping. I can’t believe I didn’t take any pictures because even though it didn’t fit right my sewing was meticulous and it looked awesome inside and out! I will have to do it again soon.

Elisalex dress: NOT DONE, still haven’t found the perfect fabric.

SO, I’m at about 50% πŸ™‚ I’ll take that. There’s nothing that I haven’t made that I wish I had so I feel really good about this list. Well, I want the Elisalex, but I want it to be perfect so I need to be patient πŸ™‚

Oh! and I won a contest last week! I already got the Named Jamie Jeans pattern so expect those in a month or so. and the Archer button-down is headed my way too! yeay! buttonhole practice! Everything practice! Totally intimidating but totally cute! I can not wait!


Let me know if you’re interested in my green fabric and some other treatsies I have laying around here πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “my spring green kimono tee+ update + contest!

  1. Oohhh!! I love free things, and contests =]
    My sewing plans are quite lofty considering I always feel like I have no time =/

    Finish the amp cover for Bryan (I already have the pieces cut I just have to put it together…)
    Leather Cat Jacket…hahah A present for Dina, off of this pattern:
    Finish up the T shirt blanket for Nat (almost done. and then I put up pictures)
    Make a tote bag for Lauren. I’m thinking about freestyling a pattern here. maybe using some blocks of scrap fabric. not sure yet…
    AND! For myself: make a pair of Colette Iris shorts! I have the pattern all printed. I just need to figure out what fabric I want to use =]

    • hehehe good! you were the one I had in mind to win the contest anyway. hahah! you and me we got big plans. I have a dress pattern I’ll throw in except I want to see if one of my friends wants it first. (the one who got me hooked on sewing by giving me the sewing book she wrote)

      • Yay!! Oh yeah, I forgot I was going to try and make another dress off of the pattern I have of the one I made at your house…haha so many plans =]

        Also! That is awesome that she wrote a book! how cool!

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