Meet Rachel! (the sewing machine)

Well, I had a fantastic gorgeous LARGE Singer sewing machine with several accessories and features that I just LOVED. **LOVED** we were BFFs. We had many good times together. But something happened that I couldn’t fix. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ The customer service and repairs for Singer is JUST NOT GOOD. The actual people I talked to were exceptional, but the hold time, wait time, service center location (CALIFORNIA?!?) and guarantee on repair were not good. Luckily I have a very smart BF and he bought it from Costco which has a very generous return policy. (I only had the machine for 4 months) Not gonna lie though. I just about cried when I walked away from my machine.

I wasn’t sad for too long though, because here’s my new BFF, Rachel!


I was going to shop around and ask advice, but instead I just bought one because the sewing expo was here and prices were slashed. (Or so they say.) I can’t find any information about prices online. This is a baby lock Rachel and it cost me $399. (They told me the normal price was $599?! Really?) They also threw in an extended 4-year unlimited warranty for free which is what sold me on it. I was worried about another mishap so repair center/warranty was a big thing for me. The store I bought it from is an authorized baby lock repair center. perfect! And that warranty includes free tune-ups. Which if you take your machine in for a tune-up (which is recommended yearly) it will cost you $125 each time! (Doesn’t even make sense really. So you are saying, I basically get this sewing machine for free, if I pay to maintain it…in a very round-about way I guess. Sorry. It’s late. Ignore me. I’m rambling…)


50 fun stitches, electronic controls, stop/start button, code that tells you what foot to use, 5 auto button holes, sews through 4 layers of denim like a champ, easy bobbin winding (like my FAVORITE bobbin winder ever, let me tell you, this has been a real headache for me in the past…)


These are all the stitches I made with the “J” foot. (standard foot)


Here’s the main thing that I’ve found that I will call a CON. It’s a little tricky to thread. The Singer was SO SO SO EASY. Which was one of the things I loved about it. This is almost as easy. Except when you get to this part. I have to thread that silver thingy and its down so deep between the 2 plastic sides that its awkward and difficult to get at. I haven’t used tweezers yet, but I think I might get some because it might make my life easier. Also its a little smaller than the Singer so it might be a little bit more interesting trying to maneuver around larger projects.


oh! My favorite part, speed control! It will be great to teach people to sew on this machine. I’m also going to have better control on my own projects ๐Ÿ™‚


New BFF’s lined up next to each other hehehehe. If only Miss Serge had a speed control ๐Ÿ˜‰

So far so good! I feel like I got a good deal because it should be able to do everything I want (at this point of my sewing career anyway) and I have peace of mind about any sewing machine illnesses.

last thing…cute picture of Moosey playing hide and go seek!



5 thoughts on “Meet Rachel! (the sewing machine)

    • I got it at Quality Sewing & Vaccuum in Seattle! I’ve had it about 6 months now and it is excellent! Hard worker, really does go through denim smoothly, but relatively light weight so it easy to take to classes! My instructor loved it, she was always trying to use it to do demos on! It is a little too small to quilt with. That would be my only negative. But I don’t quilt much. I have made a baby quilt and it was ok. I should just send my pieces off for the actual quilting but I’m too cheap! ๐Ÿ™‚ happy shopping!

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