T shirt blanket!

I am about 1/3 of the way done with Nat’s blanket!
The sewing machine makes blanket work go wayyy faster on the sewing end. The prep work of cutting and whatnot still takes forever…
But get excited because soon I will be done and then I can post a few covert photos and tell natski not to look if she wants to be surprised!

This particular blanket is 4 shirts across and three shirts down. (almost as tall as I am and able to wrap around me with lots to spare.)

Been working on the back side all day- just getting ready to connect the rows now!

K I thought you would be excited especially cause it is sewing haha =]



4 thoughts on “T shirt blanket!

  1. I finished the back yesterday, and got the bottom row put together on the front (then I ran out of bobbin thread =/ so I will hopefully get back to it on Friday or so…gotta do school for a bit! when you start yours I’m sure it will fly!

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