Happy valentines !

Sorry I’ve been ignoring you all. Bad news/good news – sewing machine is broke again so maybe I’ll write more blog posts. I’ve actually made a few things that I haven’t shared.

20140226-014634.jpg Here’s a quick tee I whipped up for valentines day. It’s from a Burda pattern. I don’t think it even has a name.

It’s a boat neck tee with raglan sleeves. I mostly used the serger to whip it together. But I did use the sewing machine to make some fancy decorative stitching for the neckline.

The sleeves are adorable pink cupids on a thermal material. The sleeves were way too wide. I’ve made this patten before so I’m thinking that the thermal was pretty stretchy.

I’m so happy because I just serger off the excess. There’s only 4 pieces to the shirt: front, back, L sleeve, R sleeve. So that is awesome! I still plan on wearing it even though valentines is over because I love the idea of Cupid sneaking around and shooting people. (In a GOOD way) I’m going to try and be more like Cupid! Inspire love! Xoxoxox actually sorry I’m so late!

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