The longest week

Hi Guys!
It feels like time is moving by so slowly this week! Pry because I have 1.6 million things to do hah
Yesterday my day started at 9am and I didn’t stop going until midnight. and today has been the same. Just tons of meetings and classes, running around from one thing to the next. I still have some work left to do tonight actually. oye!

Tomorrow won’t give me much of a break either unfortunately. Class starts at 9am, then gotta collect up some supplies from the main office and walk across campus to work in the second office (good thing cause the first office of mine has ants! ewww…I sprayed Raid all over the place today in there, so pry not a good idea to work there anyways), then after that I have to go sit in a computer lab to make sure none of the youths in intro to psych walk off with a computer. I finish with that and get to go home at 6, BUT! ode to joy I have a presentation for class on Thursday so I will be working on that all evening after dinner with the Olympics on in the background for company.

Things are getting added to the to-do list faster than I can cross them off! eek!

Likely the school week will go into Saturday because of all the snow days. Gotta catch up on class time one way or another, and the other option was start class earlier at 8:30 for several weeks, NOOOOOOOO. One Saturday in class will be just fine with me.

I have about 7 sewing projects that I should be working on, but alas- there is no time this week. Hopefully soon!
xoxo ab


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