3&4 Months

Whew, I am getting so far behind on keeping up with posts here! So many pictures of Lovebug, recipes, movies…

Anyway-little mister is 4 months old now! He just had his checkup and shots yesterday, poor little fella :/ he weighed in at 16 pounds 1 ounce and was 25 1/4″ long!

Some highlights sice last time…
He started sleeping through the night 12/23 (BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT EVER!)
Talking all the time
Grabbing at toys
Everything goes in his mouth!
Likes facing outward
Rolled from tummy to back yesterday for the first time!
Loves music and flashing lights
Smiley 🙂

Doesn’t like getting dressed, lotion after the bath, his car seats, napping on his own, and this past week waking up more at night



He does smile…but he usually downplays it for the camera 🙂


He’s getting so big!


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