cowl neck shirt (McCalls 6563)

Well, I have been doing something over here, just not taking pictures. also, I’m almost through with another little person quilt! And this one is my fave so far! anyway, on to the real story. My new shirt!

Image I got this fabric from JoAnn with a Christmas gift card! (Thanks Josh’s parents!!) and I love cowl necks!


I’m not sure if cowl necks love me, but this is a great shirt. Not too tight so plenty of room to eat! fun colors! Oh, you should see how I matched up the side seams…


Actually, the other side doesn’t match at all. Total accident. This is a woven fabric and its supposed to be cut on the bias so that’s what I did (or tried to do) There were only 2 pattern pieces! it was a nice quick make with no sleeves to set in or anything!


The back looks great! My most professional finish ever. the back neck is finished with bias tape-actually looks good. come to think of it I should have taken a picture, but the shirt is in the laundry now. (its good for dancing) I even french seamed the side seams!


Well, I can’t quite get a good pic of the cowl action, but ohh well. Its not 100% my style, but I do love it! Quilt and some casual tees coming soon! oh! and maybe some food 😉 xoxo


4 thoughts on “cowl neck shirt (McCalls 6563)

  1. Bias tape is some thin folded strip of fabric. It’s cut on the bias so it’s more flexible. It is sold in little packs at the sewing store or you can make your own. Do you remember when we made bibs? I think we put red tape around the edges? I’m not actually 100% clear on that memory…

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