back to the old grindstone

I am back at school, and it feels sorta odd. we have have 3 days of class thus far- and now we are on holiday for Martin Luther King Jr Day. So back at it tomorrow. I have a presentation to give later this week, and a lot of writing and reading to do to catch up. Taking such an extensive break means the work when I get back is piled up quite high. Totally worth it to be home and see everyone, and relax. but it will be a few weeks before I am back on top of everything again. I am hoping that my textbooks have arrived at school- but likely they have not.

first up on the agenda is write a discussion question for my cognition class. Then read the article I am to present on Wednesday, and make the presentation and summary sheet for it. after those things are finished I will try to write up an abstract about the oil spill data. Then reread my thesis to recall what it is I need to revise and figure out. If I can do all of this stuff today- that would be ideal. Likely I will only get to the presentation though… we shall see!

it feels sorta funny to be back here. Dr. Cherry of course has a million and three things for me to work on. it is a little tricky getting back into the tempo of her life. sad to have to pay for food again. nice to see all of my firends down here though, and hear about their adventures the past month =]

miss you guys! I promise I will get back into the swing of things making calls and will find some sewing time to show off some of my projects soon =] I have a few amp covers left to make, blankets, shorts, and cat jackets haha so get excited



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