giveaway updates! and my not-so-ugly sweater!

That was so much fun! I got a ton of great project ideas and I LOVED hearing all the animal stories! I think we should have giveaway day more often! Maybe quarterly or monthly. Maybe with themed prizes. like the comments match the prizes? It looks like there is another giveaway day at next May! but I don’t know if I can wait that long!
I know you are all eager to know if you won, so with no further ado…DSCF8958
Fran! You are the winner! I will email you and see where you’d like the card and patterns sent! Hooray!
I’m hoping I either won one of the giveaway day giveaways, or I won the Mega Millions tonight! 🙂 $425,000,000! Wowzers!
Ugly sweaters became totally cool, huh?! does anyone have one they’d like to give away? I’m running in The Sweater Dash 5k tomorrow and dress code is an ugly sweater. At the Goodwill they were going for $20! Rip. So naturally I thought I should make my own. But I don’t think I went quite ugly enough 🙂
DSCF8960 I look like an ogre compared to that tree!
DSCF8964 Awkward back view.
Playing hide and go seek with dogs! The hood is lined with white fleece. Both jersey fabrics came from and the pattern is -love it!


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