10 Ways You Know You’re Sleep Deprived

1. You find yourself taking naps at 8 a.m.
2. When driving by road construction, after they’ve poured new concrete, you proclaim, “it looks like a marshmallow road!”
3. You wake up discover you’ve left the front door completely unlocked.
4. You try to lock the door when leaving for work, only to discover that your wife’s keys were hanging outside in the lock all night.
5. You lose your keys.
6. When leaving the house with the baby, you’re feeling pretty good and super accomplished…until strangers approach you and say, “you must be a first time parent, you look so tired.”
7. You wake up frantically wondering where the baby is. Have you fed the baby? Did you leave the baby in the bed, even though you never feed him in the bed at night ever.
8. When brushing your teeth you notice your teeth are extra sensitive, only to realize that you had just brushed them moments earlier.
9. Sometimes words look foreign and totally not comprehendible even though it’s plain English. (I couldn’t read DANG on that coconut….I thought it was just fancy symbols)
10. You suddenly find you can sleep anywhere, anytime, and in any condition…even if before you could never nap, needed pitch blackness, and had trouble falling asleep.

Have any to add? šŸ˜‰


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