Polly top x2, malamute x2

Cute cute and cuter! Lets just start at cute and go from there! I LOVE ByHand London. Such stylish Chicas! So when they put out a FREE pattern I jumped on it! Just never took pictures.

20131211-091348.jpg never took pictures BECAUSE my mirror broke and a friend is borrowing my waterproof/only camera while she’s on vacation. So here’s some iPod pictures in the small bathroom mirror with me standing on the toilet!!


20131211-091556.jpg back is def not my best side but eh, I love it anyway! So much I made 2!



20131211-091722.jpg the tan fabric is linen, the red fabric is quilting cotton(!), the plaid fabric is flannel, and the gray fabric is a super stretchy jersey synthetic blend of some sort! I didn’t have to do much altering either- just nip it in a few places and take an inch or so off the ?shoulder. I have tiny arms/shoulders…
And check out this decorative stitching!


20131211-092022.jpg little diamonds!
Ok if that wasn’t cute enough for you…

20131211-092111.jpg meet Moosey!

He makes a lovely pillow!

20131211-092249.jpg and gives excellent kisses!

20131211-092328.jpg Here’s Koda!

20131211-092403.jpg he thinks he’s a lapdog! So soft, sweet, and snugly! Love my babies!
P.s. We rescued them both from wamal.com


6 thoughts on “Polly top x2, malamute x2

  1. Cute tops! By the way thanks for poking around my blog & leaving comments – I wish I could reply directly to them! I don’t know why blogger & wordpress can’t talk to eachother šŸ™‚

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