2 Months!

Lovebug is over 2 months now! He’s also growing like a weed!! We had his 2 month check up and he is a whopping 13 pounds 8 ounces!!!! Way to go buddy!! 🙂 he took his shots like a champ…I wish I could say the same 😦 anywho….without further ado….


He was a little tired for these, but he humored us anyway


And that was the end of the photo shoot 😉 look how much he grew!



This month he’s still loving on baths, likes cuddling, bouncing on the Swiss ball, football hold, pressing his head against my mouth when I’m shushing him, looking outside at the sun & snow, and all you can eat buffets. Not too fond of getting dressed, shots, and gets overtired easily. He’s smiling lots, digging his swaddle-and enjoys escaping out of it, though he really wants it on-what a conundrum! (once was screaming until I tucked his arms back in-then immediately back to sleep!), likes music, wears size 3 month, and cooing like nobody’s business. This little guy rocks 🙂


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