Shop til you drop!

I didn’t think about this yesterday, but if I show all my recent purchases, I’ll basically ruin EVERY Christmas gift surprise! I started off at the coffee house and my friend was in so we spent a long time chatting. I got O WOW just look what I got…

Came on a silver platter and everything! Perfect temperature… And a splash of coffee liqueur 🙂

Oh and on the side is kind of like fruity soda water- chatillon soude- to cleanse the palate. And there were two little cookies on top of the coffee too! It was called a KAffee Motzart 🙂 and only cost $5.25-including tax! (Around here that’s a bargain)

And the holiday handmade show was awesome. I realize now I can’t really show anything or else I’ll ruin the Christmas surprise-so sorry- you’ll have to wait!

And I went thru my own fabric stash and I have a giant tote plus an entire dresser full…FULL . Like drawers will barely close. Granted, a lot is scraps and muslin fabric. But still. I need to sew down that a little before adding to the pile 😦 what I need is some kid of inventory app so I can see exactly what fabric I have lying around and make plans for it. Rather than fall in love with the latest pattern and choose a totally WRONG fabric. Or be too afraid to cut into some beautiful purple bamboo knit. Time to face the fears. Purple people eater suit coming up soon!


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