Small busy-ness Saturday

If you know me, you might know I love to shop! However, I didn’t shop yesterday. I worry that the real meaning of the season is getting missed. Family, friends, love, peace, gratitude, joy! nothing against those who went out though- i know bargain hunting can be a total legit bonding activity. except for the violence, i can never condone violence. So I spent the day with friends, my man, patients, and my babies!
But now it’s time to shop.
Game plan: hearty breaky.

Serious business. So rich. Organic whole wheat toast from Franz- the local bakery! (Splurge-I usually by cheap bread but this is so delicious…) mashed avocado spread on top, and sliced hard boiled egg. Salted an peppered. Oooohhhh. Amazing. And a cup of tea of course. šŸ™‚
Next up- local coffee shop. To have a drink and get some secret Santa gifts I hope. I actually know the owner, so I wonder if she’ll be in today.
Later- EtsyRain handmade holiday sale! 90 artists from the PacficNorthwest gathered together in one spot. And see it in the flesh not just online! Hope I don’t spend all my money because…
Lastly- pacific fabrics! Also locally owned. And having a 20% off fabric sale. Luxurious fabrics. I need a bigger secret hiding place!
I’ll update you on my shopping booty shortly šŸ˜‰ xoxo!


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