Love My Cloth Diapers!!

I’ve been meaning to write a post, an ode of sorts, to our cloth diapers. And as it turns out, Cotton Babies the mother company, is currently having a contest for diaper giveaways. So, I can blog about why I love my diapers and maybe win more while doing so…sign me up!

When our little guy was born we knew we wanted to try cloth diapers. There are so many different kinds out there, though, that it was hard to know exactly which ones we wanted to invest our money. We spent a whole day researching blogs, forums, and YouTube to compare brands and see what works. I polled my Mom’s Group from church and found that they all highly recommended Bum Genius, which is the same diapers my sister got for her little one last year (and also really loved). And that’s how we came to find Cotton Babies and all the different types they offered.

I want to assure you that even though this is a contest I’m giving my honest opinion in all aspects. I’ll give it to you straight so you know you can trust this review. Hopefully, if there are others scouring the internet for reviews, this post can help you make a decision!

Here is why we LOVE our Cotton Babies diapers:

I love the fact that we can buy diapers from cotton babies, and we can use them for the duration of our babies time in diapers. Other brands required that you purchase diapers in small, medium or large. Here is 3 diapers: Flip, Bum Genius 4.0, Bum Genius All-in-One in small, medium, and large respectively.

It’s so awesome they will grow with our baby!

I’ve heard nothing but awesome stuff about Cotton Babies customer service. All of the forums had at least one mom mention dealing with customer service and having a great experience. How often do you hear that? My sister also said that if something happened to the diapers, or we chose a type that didn’t quite work out for us, the customer service would help solve the problem. So for us, not really knowing what we were getting ourselves into, it was a relief to know we could access customer service and get the help we need if necessary.

Flip diapers are the ones we use most often. We chose the flip because they were a little bit cheaper than the Bum Genius with the same, awesome, one size snaps and inserts. The Flip diapers have a waterproof cover, or shell, for the outside and an insert (below is the stay dry insert). The insert has lines you fold so it also fits in all sizes.

We love it because we can reuse the cover a couple times before we need to wash it. (Unless there is a huge blowout of course ;)) But…even when he has had huge blowouts they have always stayed inside the cover. Since we’re in an apartment we pay for our own laundry, and reusing the cover a couple of times definitely cuts down on the laundry load size while maximizing the number of diapers we can use. We can usually use each cover with 3 or 4 different inserts! And, we could double up the inserts, if needed, for increased night time dryness.

To be honest, I always thought that when we were out for the day or traveling we would just use disposable diapers for ease. However, the flip diapers are so easy (and don’t take up too much room in the diaper bag) so we are using them all the time. This system also has disposable inserts you can use while out and about or for traveling. We haven’t used them yet so I don’t know how they are but it sounds like a brilliant idea!

These diapers are basically the same as the Flip, except they have a pocket that you stuff the insert into. (The top insert is a newborn one so you can use them right away!)

The stuffing takes a little bit extra time to do and requires that the entire diaper be changed each time, instead of just the insert. We only have a couple of these but I love them for nights. I think they absorb wetness a little better and keep our guy a little bit more dry than the Flips. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I like to think he sleeps longer when he’s in these. What’s not to love about that 🙂

I have heard from other moms that use Bum Genius that the elastic around the legs tends to stretch after a year or so of use. My sister is replacing the elastic on her own and says it’s pretty easy to do. She also mentioned that if you save your receipt and the elastic wears out you could get them replaced by the company within a certain timeframe.

We have just a couple of these too. The inserts are attached to the diaper.

All folded up it looks like this.

I feel like these diapers also absorb wetness great. And the folding is really easy. I usually try to save these for nights also and they’ve been wonderful for that! I thought there would be leaking with these because the stuffing seems thick but we haven’t had an issue with that at all yet.

I absolutely LOVE that the cloth diapers are great for Lovebug’s behind. When we’ve had him in a disposable he would start getting redness on his little bum. Even after being in the cloth diapers for a couple of hours the redness was decreasing. We noticed a huge difference in his bottom right away after switching to cloth full time.

I’m pretty sure we’re saving some serious cash by using cloth diapers. Disposables are so expensive and at the rate our little dude goes through them…we went through a box a week! Yikes! That adds up quick! We used gift cards from our baby showers to buy our diapers and only have to pay to wash them every other day! It’s so worth it! When I think of using these diapers for at least 2 years and then for future kids also, the savings just keeps piling up! We actually made a spreadsheet comparing the costs: cloth diapers (and the cost of our laundry) versus disposables. The cloth (even if not funded exclusively by gift cards) still came out cheaper by at least a couple hundred dollars.

Cleaning the diapers hasn’t been a problem either. So far it’s been really easy and the diapers haven’t stunk up our place while waiting to be washed. We use a bucket system that my sister found. One bucket in the toilet…

This is where we spray the diapers. We attached a sprayer to the toilet (we tried to use the shower head at first, no dice…get the sprayer. It cleans them off better and keeps the whole bathroom dry ;)) so we spray the diapers in this bucket and let them drip dry for a bit. After spraying just flush the stuff down the toilet!

Then after drip drying we put them in a separate bucket until they’re ready to wash!

We pre wash ourselves in that bucket before dumping ’em into the wash! Wash on hot and then air dry the covers, while the inserts go into the dryer on medium heat.

All in all, we LOVE our cloth diapers and are so glad that they’re what we are using for our little man! They’re better for him and better for us! If you’re interested, check them out yourselves at Cotton Babies. I think you’ll love them just as much as we do!!

What do you use for diapers? What is it you love about using cloth diapers?! Anything else you’d like to know? Feel free to share the love!


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