I knit a hat!

well, I knit myself a whole hat! I followed a pattern! First time for everything. I watched a lot of Dr. Who (surprise!) and YouTube knitting videos. I think I watched the slip-slip-knit video about 12 times before I figured that one out.


Here’s my source-make sure you click on that link to see the hat in all its full glory as I think mine is a touch too small!

O! Without further ado…here it is!


hanging down are kind of like “ear flaps”


can you believe I made that? no holes or anything…


Here’s with the ear flaps pointing down


side view of that. see, a little small maybe? and I didn’t have enough yarn for the tassels. Honestly, I didn’t even think this was going to work out, I was just using it as practice and an excuse to keep watching t.v. (first pattern ever!) maybe next time I will actually make a swatch and everything.


Here’s how I usually wear the hat. Pulled down tight over my forehead. ear flaps are now kind of pointing back.


side view of that.


and I’m actually entertaining the idea of connecting the ear flaps with a button because they are in the perfect spot for my hair to pop out.


super cute! I love this hat! you may see more knitting from me!

technical note: I used double pointed needles! everything else I forgot because this project has been sitting around with 1 or 2 lines knitted for about 3 years!



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