the baby quilt

Its been finished for a few weeks-probably 2-and just chilling while I tried to find my battery charger for my camera! Finally cleaned up a bit around here, so here it is!


that bed is not made (i.e. all sheets and blankets lumped in a huge pile), full size bed-just for size comparison.


My friend Adrienne designed this pattern and I just scaled it down (ghetto style) to baby size. some of the clouds are cut off at the edges.


the back says “security blanket” and has the Peanuts characters Linus and Snoopy (my favorite character of all time-not just Peanuts)!


I’m holding it a little crooked, but if it starts on the floor it comes up to right under my chin. I want one for myself.

It wasn’t HARD to make necessarily, but some of the steps were daunting. I thought the applique of the clouds and birds would be most difficult, but I actually got the hang of that pretty quick. The clouds are also fleece, and fleece is super easy to work with.

I also have had baddddd experiences with bias binding in the past, so I wasn’t too thrilled about doing the binding. But it also went together very easily. (I watched several episodes of Dr. Who while HAND-SEWING on the binding)

The most difficult part was quilting. And I didn’t even make awesome patterns or anything just (tried!) to follow the lines. but even though its a baby quilt, that’s a lot of fabric to stuff under the machine. The back of the quilt (Peanuts side) is flannel, so that stuck together pretty well with the batting, which I was very grateful for because I only had about 10 safety pins holding it together before that.

So maybe next time I’ll send it off to be professionally quilted? I don’t know. I have another one in the works and I really really really want one for myself!

So much to do so little time!

Off to sew!




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