So I was going to write a post and show you guys some of the cool things I’ve made. But they are presents for a few people so I cant show you those until Ma and pops come visit in a week.
In the mean time- I will be getting ready to go to a conference next week! should be fun, all about aging! I was geeking out looking at the program of talks and posters. haha

I went to see a concert with Bryan a few days ago, Motion City Soundtrack and Reliant K. It was a pretty fun night!




I also had to shorten the amp cover cause it was too bunchy. so I put a different stitch along the bottom. I also cut a handle hole, but i havent sewn that up yet. maybe tomorrow or something =] the pleather was getting stuck on the machine. I’ve never worked with material like this before so kinda interesting… anyways i figured I would cover the pleather with wax paper and stitch on that so it would slide across the machine better, and it worked! I felt like a genius! except for then I had to pick a bunch of wax paper out from the stiches, but at least it wasn’t bunched up like before!

(I had a huge mishap and had to seam rip about 5 inches of mini stitches that I reversed the machine on to make sure it wouldn’t fall out (ironic that I had to take it out just after that haha)

miss you guys! xox

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