Long lost Kristin

Hi! So busy here with work and Netflix 🙂 there’s a Dr. Who sew-along going on now at http://fanbloomingtastic.typepad.com/ I didn’t know anything about Dr. Who, but I took Tempest’s advice and started watching. Now I’m hooked.
I did do some knitting during viewing-I’ll show you what I made soon!

20131113-064007.jpg Here’s a delicious dinner I made recently! It’s a butternut squash stuffed with spicy sausage and kale. Some Parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, and toasted walnuts on top.

20131113-064302.jpg And I made these little cuties with the help of Steph! Rice crispy treat dipped in chocolate chips melted with coconut oil. Oreos and m&m s for eyes and WARTS! 🙂 so cute! And delicious!

20131113-064746.jpg AND… I made a hoodie!

20131113-064836.jpg this kind of reminds me of Dr. Who because Rosé wears sweatshirts all the time so far. The color also reminds me of the opening scene. But I planned this shirt before I even knew about Dr. Who so its kind of cheating to make it for the sew-along!



20131113-065320.jpg I hope I will be back here soon!

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