a few new projects

hi guys! I have been off for a few days, fall holiday! I just watched a new episode of White Collar, and took a shower so I’m nice and clean! My bathroom is having issues though. A few weeks ago I could hear scratching noises that sounded like they were coming from inside the wall…eeek! well I told my landlord and he called pest control- they never did tell me if they found anything. But now it smells like something died in my bathroom. I cleaned the entire thing and for awhile it just smelled like strong chemicals. then the smell of death crept back in. GROSS! It was much worse yesterday- it isn’t as noticable today which is good.

So I finally got to the craft store! I bought some velcro to finish the bibs, so that will be good business! Then I also bought a TON of pleather. I decided that i was going to make amp covers for Bryan’s birthday present. So black leather-like material seemed the best choice. Some of the amps are really big, so I purchased 5 yds of material.



So velcro= easy to put on things, and black pleather is impossible to see marker, pen, any sort of lines for cutting on. There was so much material i think it could’ve covered my entire floor of my apartment haha


The first cover I made is about 1 foot wide, 1.5 feet tall, and 2 feet long.
I haven’t tried it on the actual amp yet because Bryan’s car is in the shop. there was a small leak in something? I know nothing about cars…


I put all of the pins in for a bottom seam- but they were all in backwards =[ (yeah I didn’t think there was a wrong way either but this had to be wrong.) I kept getting pricked, and the pin sharp part was pointing at me with the head pointing toward the needle of the sewing machine. it made it painful and difficult to remove the pins when I got close with the machine. and if i would’ve just turned it around all the material would have to cram through the tiny hole to the right of the sewing needle. It was a pin mess. Oh well I guess I will learn some things the painful way. (oh extra painful too cause I decided that night with dinner I was going to have fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. which turned out so tasty!)

Anyways- sometime i will cut a handle hole in the top, but I want to test the cover on the amp before I cut a hole in it in case the whole cover is too small or something.


It was a really quick project so far =] but I have about 7 more amp covers to go. so I will be really good at making blocky type things ha


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