Happiest Baby on the Block

Hey guys!
Not much new here to report.
Good news: Lovebug did take some good naps where we could put him down so I finally got some cleaning done!
Bad news: now there is clean laundry sorted all over the bed that I should pry be putting away instead of this 😉 oh well…
Little sleeping baby


We’ve just been lounging and enjoying our time snuggling together 🙂


Overall, Lovebug has been really good. He really is such a sweet baby. He seems to fuss when he has bad gas or gets overtired. We’ve had a couple more fussy days lately. When we first brought him home I would google for help sleeping during basically all our night feeds-I get so darn tired at night!! And that’s how I came across The Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr. Harvey Karp, MD.

20131106-201606.jpg source
(P.s. I know it’s totally normal for newborns to only sleep 2-3 hour chunks at night so why I kept googling is beyond me. A girl can dream though right?! And Lovebug was gracious enough to give us 1, 5 hour chunk this week-it was GLORIOUS!!)

Well, this Dr. Karp is a baby genius whisperer. We got his book and DVD from the library and finally read and watched ’em. You should see this guy. He takes a crying, screaming baby, swaddles him or her, and picks them up. Then it’s like instant quiet! Totally impressive! Lovebug doesn’t fuss often but I was still really intrigued…what a great skill to have! And, when he has been fussy and difficult to soothe or get to sleep, following his advice has definitely helped. Spot on!

Basically he says babies are comforted by the 5 s’ which simulate life in the womb:
1. Swaddling-to keep the arms from startling himself
2. Side/stomach position- like the football or reverse cradle hold to avoid the startling reflex where he feels like he’s falling
3. Shushing-loud shushing or white noise
4. Swinging-or jiggling movements
5. Sucking

The more worked up a baby is, the more s’ he needs and also the more aggressive. If a baby is pretty low key and fusses he may just need 1-2 to help him calm down.

I gotta say, we’ve tried it with Lovebug and it’s pretty much worked like a charm almost every time! Hooray!


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